Customs Clearance

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As a fully licensed & bonded Customs Broker we take the hassle & stress out of the entire customs process by preparing all necessary documentation to clear or transport a client’s cargo in bond to its destination. We also provide Remote Location Filing (RLF) for other ports in the United States other than the NJ/NY area to reduce messenger fees and expedite clearance. This allows your shipment to get where it needs to go quickly and safely. We are also a proud member of the NCBFAASA, giving us access to many exclusive  contracts with several steamship lines nationwide. Our membership to the NCBFAASA also allows us to meet and exceed your logistical and shipping needs at competitive rates you can rely on.

Licensed Experts

MCS Global Transport has the experience and the knowledge to ensure your shipments always meet requirements without any delays.

Trucking Services

Not only can we assist you with all your documentation needs but we can also help you transport your goods from port to port or even to your end destination.

Quality Services

As a leader in the logistics and transport industry, we take pride in our quality services and dedicated staff. Give us a call today to discuss your logistics needs.



We coordinate all documents necessary to clear Customs such as power of attorney, commercial invoices, forwarding and preparing of any necessary bills of lading. Providing reliable and diligent Customs Clearance services for over 40 years, MCS Global Transport has established a Customs Clearance division ready and able to handle any customs requirement so give us a call today to see how we can help with your custom clearance needs.

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